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Lavish Lipgloss

Lavish Lipgloss

Lavish Lipgloss Descriptions

✨️Heavenly Clear- this Lavish gloss shows off your natural lip with a heavenly shine.

✨️Glorious Glitter- this Lavish gloss gives you heavenly shine with a sprinkle of glorious glitter.

✨️Faithful Favor-t his Lavish gloss has a beautiful shine with a hint of soft pink glitter.

✨️Purpose pink- this Lavish gloss gives you heavenly shine with a sparkle of pink glitter

✨️Peaceful pink- this Lavish gloss exudes a shine with a soft peaceful pink base.

✨️Shiny Salvation-this Lavosh lipgloss gives a nude base with a beautiful shinmer

✨️Marvelous Miracles - this Lavish gloss gives and earth tone with a shimmer of glitter

✨️Calm Charity-this Lavish gloss is a rich bold nude. When applied heavily it exudes a very rich and true tone, when applied extremely light it's a soft calm nude.

Redeemed Red-this Lavish gloss is a true red tone that leaves your lips Shiny and moisturized.

✨️Sweet Strength- this Lavish gloss is a very rich chocolate base, that appears neutral. The more you apply, the stronger it appears, the less you apply the softer and sweeter it appears. It's true to the tone seen.

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