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Healthy Happy Wives & Future Wives Podcast

The Healthy Happy Wives and Future Wives Podcast dives into enriched conversations on wifehood, intimacy, communication, and conflict resolution. Tune in for valuable insights and tips on cultivating a thriving marriage.

Trailer- What's to come!!!

A snippet of what you have to look forward to in the podcast. From we will discuss all things wifehood!


The Woman Within

In this brief episode with Coach Net, we are having an enriched conversation about the woman within, and why it's important to take care of her. The wife God truly designed you to be will flow over from the WOMAN WITHIN. How you nurture and care for her matters. Coach Net shares a part of her testimony of caring for the woman within and shares 1 key principle that can change your entire life as a wife. It's a four-letter word and it's not LOVE. 


You Matter

In this episode, we discuss "You Matter". Being a woman, wife, and future wife

is not always a walk in the park, and as you walk through the terrains of life’s challenges you must know that on the other side is a better woman, wife, and future wife. Being honest with yourself, and those you serve is key to understanding WHY YOU MATTER. In this real and raw enriched conversation, Coach Net shared a snippet of her testimony of being overworked, overwhelmed, and in overdrive and how she overcame it. Get ready to go on a journey to understanding why you matter!

Don't Settle

In this episode, we discuss "Don't Settle" It's a real, raw, needed, needed and necessary conversation!

Don't ignore red flags!

Work on you!

Set boundaries and hold fast!

Be content, but not complacent!

This episode is sure to challenge you grow and glow!

Coach Net share a snippet of her testimony of deliverance from the spirit of fornication and lust. It's heavy but it's necessary!

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