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Breaking the Cycles

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Have you ever been in a position that made you feel like you were drowning? It made you feel like there was no way out? I know I have had those moments where I didn't know if I was going or coming. In my mind, I could not process how I got there, but when I looked at the place that I was standing in, it was evident that something was shifting.

I have always been a person that pursued growth. I love information and I love sharing information. I was always thirsting for more. I never understood where that came from because as I looked around I never seemed to fit my surroundings. Have you ever been in that position? You look around and where you are, you don't fit! It can be a very uncomfortable place. A place where you are stretched to make a decision DO I STAY IN THIS PLACE where I'm not comfortable and grow, or do I go back into the place of comfort where I'm just an average woman.

The one thing I have learned is greatness costs! It may cost you friends, family and relationships. It may cost you the very thing that you want to hold on to! Most of the time when God is trying to BREAK THE CYCLES off your life, it will cost you something! I am here to encourage you today, what you are feeling is not you drowning, it's God trying to bring you to a place in him where he can break the cycles off your life so that you can become all that he purposed you to be when you were in your mothers womb! My question to you today is, will you let him?

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