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Just Walk In It

How often has life come and knocked the wind out of you? Made you step back and reevaluate? Made you wonder if you were walking in alignment with what you were created to do. Well I want to stop by to say don't quit! The resistance is a sign of Progress!!!

To many times I have felt an uneasiness because it was different, the unknown, possibly even the uncommon. I felt uncomfortable and felt that it would be easier just to go back to the same thing that kept me comfortable.

The place of contentment doesn't produce the great because greatness requires a pressing.

The pressing is what pushes out what you sense existed, but would never allow to come forth due to the process. We knew it would cost us so we stay in the place of contentment.

I encourage you today as I encourage myself JUST WALK IN IT! God has a great plan and purpose for each of us. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us he has an EXPECTED end for us!

Today walk in your IT, whatever IT is walk with your head high, chest out, in faith, totally leaning and depending on GOD!!

Overcomer, Net Robinson

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