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When a Man Loves A Woman

We have all heard the song " When a man loves a woman". The lyrics say "He cant keep his mind on nothing else, he would trade the world for a good thing he's found, if she's bad he don't see it." The song elaborated on the many things the man would do for the woman even sleep out in the rain if that how she said it should be. That's a lot of love!!

As a woman I made many mistakes. I made choices that could have cost me my life. I am grateful to be alive and in my right mind! Those mistakes taught me some valuable life lessons. One life lesson was to find a place in GOD and to focus on being the best woman I could be, not for a man, but for me. See God has a way of getting our attention when we are engulfed in everything but him. So today let this be a reminder that because a Man name Jesus loves a woman like you he will do anything to get you! He can't keep his mind on anything else but YOU!! He gives you grace and new mercies daily! Today I encourage you to receive the love of the only man that can truly SAVE you!

Overcomer Net Robinson

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